Students Get Inspired for Avant Garde Looks

It's Avant Garde time!


Once a month our Junior A’s get ready for the most creative project in the TONI&GUY cosmetology program curriculum. This month was very special, our students dug deep in their minds to create a piece with the best rule: THERE ARE NO RULES. From glitter and antlers, to the definition of power, here are the student-created Avant Garde pieces from this month and the inspiration that guided them.


TONIGUY students show casing classwork material


1. “Extraterrestrial Gladiator” by Brianna Koonce

“I truly wanted something out of this world…literally.”

Main products used: paint and a lot of glitter!


Student Art Work


2. “Angry Elsa“ by Emily Parker

“ My inspiration was definitely from my favorite movie Frozen, especially Elsa…well, Elsa’s angry side.”

Main products used: a whole lot of Hard Head Hairspray


Fashion status


3. “Music” by Hayden Ivester

“I was really stuck on what to do then I just started listening to music and started working, music is my inspiration. I just combined my two passions.”

Main products used: different hairsprays and Slick Trick


Face mask creativity


4. “The Peacock” by Mikaela Moore

“I am such a colorful person so I chose my favorite animal to describe me! “

Main products used: Hard Head Hairspray and After Party


Beauty school student


5. “The Power” by Lydia Norton

“One word kept coming to me and that was ‘Power’ and I just started working on the hair first and then she slowly started becoming a lioness.”

Main products used: Superstar Blowdry Lotion, Hard Head Hairspray and Superstar Queen for a Day


Atlanta Beauty School


6. “Autumn & Nature” by Katelyn Shook

“Fall is my favorite time of the year and I was heavily inspired by the animals and just the way it makes me feel.”

Main products used: Flexi Head Hairspray and a million bobby pins


Cool Facemask creativity


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