Students Get Inspired for Avant Garde Looks

It's Avant Garde time!


Once a month our Junior A’s get ready for the most creative project in the TONI&GUY cosmetology program curriculum. This month was very special, our students dug deep in their minds to create a piece with the best rule: THERE ARE NO RULES. From glitter and antlers, to the definition of power, here are the student-created Avant Garde pieces from this month and the inspiration that guided them.



1. “Extraterrestrial Gladiator” by Brianna Koonce

“I truly wanted something out of this world…literally.”

Main products used: paint and a lot of glitter!



2. “Angry Elsa“ by Emily Parker

“ My inspiration was definitely from my favorite movie Frozen, especially Elsa…well, Elsa’s angry side.”

Main products used: a whole lot of Hard Head Hairspray



3. “Music” by Hayden Ivester

“I was really stuck on what to do then I just started listening to music and started working, music is my inspiration. I just combined my two passions.”

Main products used: different hairsprays and Slick Trick



4. “The Peacock” by Mikaela Moore

“I am such a colorful person so I chose my favorite animal to describe me! “

Main products used: Hard Head Hairspray and After Party



5. “The Power” by Lydia Norton

“One word kept coming to me and that was ‘Power’ and I just started working on the hair first and then she slowly started becoming a lioness.”

Main products used: Superstar Blowdry Lotion, Hard Head Hairspray and Superstar Queen for a Day



6. “Autumn & Nature” by Katelyn Shook

“Fall is my favorite time of the year and I was heavily inspired by the animals and just the way it makes me feel.”

Main products used: Flexi Head Hairspray and a million bobby pins